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To the Petition

The resale right is a fundamental right of authors of visual art and photography. It makes sure that every time a work of art is resold - whether in an auction or a gallery – the author is paid a small percentage of the selling price.

The main source of income for visual artists is the sale of their original works. While auction houses and galleries receive commission for selling works, it would be paradoxical, if artists could not benefit from the revenue generated by the sale of their works on the art market.

The resale right therefore helps to restore the balance with the rights of authors of other creative fields (composers, screenplay writers, directors, books authors, etc.), whose rights of reproduction and communication to the public cannot be compared with those of visual artists.

Since it was created in France in 1920, the resale right (or droit de suite) has been recognised in more than 65 countries, but unfortunately it is not mandatory law under the International Berne Convention on copyright.

In our globalised world, artists should enjoy the same rights; regardless of their origin and irrespective of where their works are sold. The United States of America and China – the two top art markets worldwide – have also begun legislative procedures to establish the resale right. Canada and Switzerland are also considering the introduction of this right. And at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) more and more voices are calling for the Berne Convention to make the resale right mandatory – for all countries.

In future, visual arts and photographers from all five continents must benefit from the resale of their works; and above all the artists from developing countries, whose works are purchased at low prices and then resold at great profit on the art markets of Western countries.

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