So what is a...?

We would like to recommend three Vimeo videos to VG Bild-Kunst members and anyone interested. The SAA has selected three basic terms (author, work, copyright society) and created simple visual presentations on them.

» What is an creator?
» What is a creative work?
» What is an author's society?

All three videos at a glance » SAA website

About the SAA
The Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) is the Brussels-based lobby organisation of audiovisual collecting societies in Europe. It currently represents members from 18 countries including over 120,000 directors, screenwriters and other film authors. The SAA is actively committed to improving remuneration conditions for the creative artists it represents indirectly by working with political players in Brussels and Strasbourg to improve awareness and shed light on the topic of copyright and setting clear requirements.

About Vimeo
Vimeo was founded in 2004 by a group of filmmakers seeking to share with others their creative work as well as moments from their private lives. Over time, Vimeo developed into a solidarity-based community and virtual starting point for their numerous shared passions. Since then, millions of people around the globe have come to enjoy Vimeo and use it to share their homemade films/videos with the broader public.

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