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    Extract from the Articles of Association

    The Collecting Society for Visual Arts VG Bild-Kunst is a registered association by charter as defined by Art. 22 BGB [German Civil Code] and is based in Frankfurt am Main. It is charged with the administration of exploitation and licensing rights as well as the royalty claims of authors and holders of related rights in works that are protected under Art. 2 (1) Nos. 3 to 7, Art. 4 and Art. 72 of the German Copyright Act (UrhG). These rights and claims are assigned to VG Bild-Kunst by authors, holders of assigned rights, film producers and successors in title through the administration agreement (Art. 3). The activities of VG Bild-Kunst are not profit-oriented.

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    Dr. Urban Pappi (Chief Executive Officer)

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    Text Credits

    "History of VG Bild-Kunst"Dr. Albrecht Dümling erschienen im Dossier der Zeitung Politik und Kultur, Ausgabe Nov./Dez. 2007, Seite


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