How do I become a member?

You can join VG Bild-Kunst as a member of one of the professional groups I, II or III. You can decide which professional group is the right one for you according to your work or your main line of work. Click here for information about our professional groups.

When you have chosen one of the three professional groups to suit your line of work, you can contact us by telephone, fax, post, mail or directly on our homepage requesting the administration agreement.

The requested administration agreement will be posted to you forthwith.

Important information on membership

On average it takes between four and six weeks to process administration agreements. You will then receive a copy of the agreement by post with the relevant registration forms. In addition, you will also be sent a password for online registration – provided we have your current eMail address.

Membership is only possible in one of the two Professional Groups I or II. An administration agreement in Professional Group III can be concluded in addition to the agreement for Professional Group I or II.

To be noted when concluding the agreement

For administration reasons, VG Bild-Kunst needs to have the original documents to conclude the agreement. (The documents in the Internet are only specimens provided for viewing purposes.)

As soon as we receive the duly completed administration agreement together with all the necessary documentation, it will be processed and entered in our system.

General documentation required

  • Administration agreement in duplicate
  • Copy of your identity card (front and back) or passport

Supplementary documents to the agreement for professional groups I and II

  • In the case of teams of artists, companies established under civil law (GbR) and photo agencies, the relevant annexes and official supporting documentation are required

Supplementary documents to the agreement for professional group III

  • Completed questionnaire that is sent with the agreement

Supplementary documents for successors in title (heirs) or authorised agents of an author

  • Certificate of inheritance or will (copy)

Three professional groups

Professional Group I
Members*Visual artists, for example painters, sculptors
Rights administered by VG Bild-KunstResale royalty rights, reproduction rights, broadcasting rights, online rights, retransmission royalty, copying royalty, library royalty, press review royalty, reading circle royalty
Professional Group II
Members*Photographers, photo reporters, graphic artists, illustrators, designers, caricaturists, press artists, photo agencies – also covering applied art
Rights administered by VG Bild-KunstRetransmission royalty, copying royalty, library royalty, press review royalty, reading circle royalty
Professional Group III
MembersDirectors, cameramen and women, cutters, film architects/ set designers, costume designers, cartoon artists and producers of free (co-)productions
Rights administered by VG Bild-KunstLevy on video devices, levy on blank video cassettes, video rental remuneration, retransmission royalty

*Depending on their publishing activities, book publishers opt for membership of Professional Groups  I or II.

Click here for more information on our professional groups.