How do I become a member?

If you decide on membership, the first task is to clarify the professional group to which you belong. We represent authors in three professional groups (art, photography, film). You must decide, based on your activity or your predominant activity, which of the three professional groups fits you best. Please note that we can only ever administer the complete work of an author, and different rights are administered in the individual professional groups:

Overview professional groups

 Professional group I
Members*Visual artists, such as painters and sculptorVisual artists, such as painters and sculptors
Rights that VG Bild-Kunst administersResale rights, reproduction rights, broadcasting rights, online rights, retransmission royalties, copying royalties, library royalties, press review royalties, book club royalties
 Professional group II
Members*Photographers, photojournalists, graphic artists, illustrators, designers, caricaturists, press artists, picture agencies; also includes applied arts
Rights that VG Bild-Kunst administersRetransmission royalties, copying royalties, library royalties, press review royalties, book club royalties
 Professional group III
Members*Directors, camera operators, editors, film architects/set designers, costume designers, cartoon artists and producers of free (co-)productions
Rights that VG Bild-Kunst administersVideo device levy, blank video cassette royalties, video rental royalties, retransmission royalties

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Do you want to become a member, and know your professional group?

Then click here to request your administration agreement, which we will post to you immediately.

*Please note: For documentation reasons, we can only process agreements that are recorded on our printed forms. Please, therefore, do not print out any specimens. Wait until we send you the forms.
*Book publishers are assigned to professional groups I or II according to the main focus of their publishing activities.


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