Duties and Obligations of the Administrative Council

The Administrative Council of VG Bild-Kunst controls the work of the Executive Board and so also that of the management board. Fundamental strategies, like for example building up a new line of business or conducting a political campaign, are not implemented by the Executive Board unless the Administrative Council has given its approval.

In addition, the Administrative Council also decides on the rights and royalty claims to be administered by VG Bild-Kunst and on what conditions. In legal terms, this involves on the one hand the administrative agreements with members and the reciprocal representation agreements with foreign sister societies. On the other hand, it is also up to the Administrative Council to decide on the publication of tariffs.

Composition and Election

The various creative professions practised by the members of VG Bild-Kunst are to be adequately represented on the Administrative Council.

Every three years, each Professional Group nominates five members and five deputies for election to the Administrative Council and proposes them to the General Meeting. The Professional Groups also elect their chairpersons, who alternately preside over the Administrative Council for one year. The deputies may attend the meetings, even when the member is also present; in this case, however, they have no voting rights.

Further resolutions by the Administrative Council

As a general rule, the Administrative Council meets at least twice a year, but can be convened for special meetings as the need arises.

The Administrative Council constitutes a quorum when eight eligible voters are present.

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