Photo Exploitation

When is the closing date for notifications?

For the main distribution, 30 June is the closing date for written notifications and 31 October for online notifications.


For the supplementary distribution, the closing date for written notifications is 31 January and for online notifications always the end of February.

When are the distributions made?

The main distribution is always made in December. The supplementary distribution is made at the beginning of April of the following year.

For how long can I retroactively submit notifications?

Books and CDs/DVDs for sale can be notified retroactively for five years. Newspapers, magazines, television and Internet sites can be notified retroactively for one year.

What can I notify?

There are three different methods of notification and so three different forms:Books and exhibition catalogues are notified by means of the Book reporting slips.


Publications in the field of newspapers, magazines, television are given with the net fee using the Reporting card for fees

To notify CDs/DVDs for sale and Internet sites, you use the forms for Digital media

In all three fields, the reports can also be submitted online.

What am I not able to notify online?

Online notification is not possible for:

  • books without an ISBN Number
  • in the field of newspapers, magazines, television, this applies to the notification of publications of your works that are not subject to a fee.

How do I notify free publications in newspapers, magazines, television?

To notify works in magazines, newspapers and on television use the Reporting card for fees. If you have not received any fees, enter the number of works on the form. In this case, only written notifications can be accepted, as you have to clearly state on the form that a number of books are involved.

How do I notify books without an ISBN Number?

Books and catalogue not having an ISBN Number must be submitted in writing together with a voucher copy using the Book reporting slips. In addition, we also need supporting documentation showing the print run.

Where can I see online what notifications I have submitted?

If you have registered for the online notifications using your author’s number and password, you will find the Request reported data field there and can then see what data we have entered in the system.

How can I simplify the registration of websites on an annual basis?

If you want to re-register websites that have already been reported, you can click on the web address under Request reported data, which will open up a form. Now all you need to do is enter the year and the number of works. Then send the notification to us with these data.

What is a web designer?

The task of a web designer is to create and maintain websites in the World Wide Web. The web designer is primarily responsible for design, structure and guiding the user through the site. If you have not created the web design of the websites reported by you, do not enter anything when asked for documentary proof of being a web designer.

When must I provide documentary evidence of artistic activity?

If authors claim only remunerations for digital reprographic rights (notification of websites), they will not receive any royalties unless they provide evidence of other revenue from artistic or journalistic activity in the form of a certificate issued by a tax consultant. Such a certificate is recognised if proof of membership of the Künstlersozialkasse (social security fund for artists) or one of the professional organisations working with VG Bild-Kunst is provided or documented in some other appropriate manner. Please not: If no documentary evidence is furnished, no royalties will be distributed.

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