In the 2018 financial year Bild-Kunst has already been able to distribute EUR 135 million to its members in the form of special distributions for previous years of usage. The last tranche of EUR 21 million was distributed in the second half of October. A total distribution of more than EUR 155 million in a year is an absolute record!

The distribution volume will rise still further when Bild-Kunst undertakes the regular distributions for the 2017 year of usage over the coming weeks. However, it will not be possible to make these distributions by the date – 30 September 2018 – provided for in the distribution plan.
The delays are predominantly caused by the following:

  • Until August 2018 the departments were focused on dealing with the special distributions, which is why a backlog arose in processing the 2017 reports.
  • The 2017 year of usage is the first year in which the new distribution plan of Bild-Kunst has been applicable in full. The last major amendments were only approved by the general meeting at the end of July 2018. The new, revised rules entail reprogramming the software, but the special distributions have meant that only some of the preparatory work has been done so far.
  • The time limit for reporting for key distribution lines in the visual arts and images groups ran out on 31 August 2018, so that although the data were recorded, it has not yet been possible to verify them finally.
  • Bild-Kunst is currently in the process of planning for new software. This special work will likewise require resources.

Latest news on 03.05.2019

At present, the plans for upcoming distributions are as follows:

1) PG I: First rights

These distributions were made in time.

2) PG I: Art presentations

The art presentations distribution have been made by the end of April 2019.

3) PG I: Distribution of additional amounts

The distribution of additional amounts requires the software to be reprogrammed. At present we anticipate being able to make the distributions until the middle of the year 2019.

4) PG II: Distributions for books and periodicals (print)

The 2017 reporting data for these areas must first be comprehensively cleaned up. This is essential because although the new distribution plan applies, some of the book master data were reported in the old reporting format. Additional further checks as separating the reports from self-illustrators and verifying the certification for fees in excess of EUR 30k needs to be done. As things stand, therefore, we expect to be able to make the distribution until the middle of the year 2019.

5) PG II: Distributions for Websites

Income for 2016 has been already distributed in mid February 2019. Income for 2017 has been already distributed by the end of March 2019.

6) PG III: 2017 distribution year

Due to the acceleration of the new distribution plan, the income for 2017 will not – as previously – be distributed in summer 2019, but must instead actually be distributed on 30 September 2018. Unfortunately, this deadline cannot be met.

The department is expected to be kept busy entering the data (including data from foreign sister societies) until the end of January 2019. This will have to be followed by valuations and classifications in accordance with the new distribution plan. The current plans therefore assume that the distribution cannot be made until the 2nd quarter of 2019.

7) PG III: Distribution of foreign money

Bild-Kunst has already been able to distribute considerable income in the now expiring 4th quarter of 2018 that we received from our sister societies in Italy, Austria and Switzerland for 2017 (and in some cases for 2018). The distribution of foreign money has been done in April 2019.

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