Overview: Reports of the members of professional group I (visual arts)

For those of its members belonging to professional group I – visual artists – Bild-Kunst handles both exclusive rights and statutory remuneration claims that fall within the scope of collecting societies, i.e. that individuals are unable to assert themselves. These include the private copying royalty, for instance.

The new distribution plan of Bild-Kunst, which comes into force for the first time in 2017, considerably reduces the time and expense of reporting for members of professional group I:

  • As before, members do not have to report anything at all with regard to exclusive rights, because generally Bild-Kunst itself has the necessary distribution data.
  • As regards the remuneration claims, Bild-Kunst now also to a large extent uses existing data as a basis for distribution. This removes the time and expense previously needed for reporting illustrations in books and on websites.
  • Members of PG I will in future report only the presentations of the works according to the rules of the “Art exhibition copying royalty”. This is not a new right – there is no exhibition royalty in Germany (yet) – but rather the name given to a new distribution logic within the distribution for private copying.

A report form will be made available for reporting art presentations. Again, explanations will be provided in the corresponding notice sheet. Both can be found at the end of this page as a PDF to download and print out.

Reports always cover a calendar year. At present reports can be submitted for the 2018 calendar year. Note that the closing date for reports is 30 June 2019!

Please note that the distribution for art presentations is divided into two lines, with a distinction being made between art presentations in Germany and those abroad. Members of PG I can report in both lines.

Art presentations in Germany can be reported regardless of the location in Germany where they were held. On the other hand, art presentations abroad can only be reported if they were held in an exhibition venue that is shown on an official list which is drawn up by the advisory council of PG I. This list is attached to the notice sheet.

The reason for the restriction on the reporting of art presentations abroad is that the art exhibition copying royalty is part of the distribution of the private copying royalty. What counts, therefore, is the likelihood that copies of your works will be made in Germany. If they are exhibited in a virtually unknown location abroad, it is highly unlikely that a sufficient number of copies will be made in Germany.

Please note that since the 2017 year of usage, members of professional group I have reported neither illustrations of their works in books nor illustrations of their works on websites. Fee reports are likewise no longer required.


Who?Members of professional group I
  • Presentation of your works in Germany in 2018.
  • Presentation of your works in selected exhibitions venues abroad in 2018.

Please complete the report form legibly and in full (feel free to use the interactive PDF) and then sign the form on both sides.
A separate form must be completed for each year

HOW LONG?The closing date for reports is 30 June 2019.
WHY?Distributions in the “Copying royalties analogue sources (visual arts)” and “Copying royalties digital sources (visual arts)” lines.

You can send questions in writing by email to the following address:


Subject: "Art presentations 2018 report".

Forms to download

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