Overview: Reports of the members of professional group III (film)

For those of its members belonging to professional group III – film authors and producers – Bild-Kunst mainly handles statutory remuneration claims that fall within the scope of collecting societies, i.e. that individuals are unable to assert themselves. These are primarily the private copying royalty and the royalties for cable retransmission.

The distribution is based on the broadcasting of cinematographic works in television programmes. This is because Bild-Kunst receives royalties for the retransmission of television programmes in cable networks and for the private copying of cinematographic works from television onto data media. By contrast, Bild-Kunst does not receive any royalties for the retrieval of cinematographic works on VOD platforms (Netflix, Amazon, broadcasters’ media libraries). The corresponding licence revenue goes to the film industry.

Distribution system
The income is divided among the distribution lines as follows:

Camera operators18.5%
Film producers

Own income

Rightholders receive points for their participation in cinematographic works if these works had been broadcast by billable TV stations in the year of distribution. The share due to a rightholder is calculated for each distribution line and corresponds to the ratio of their own points to the entirety of the points allocated in this line.

The shares of the sets and costumes distribution lines are lower than in the other lines because not all broadcast cinematographic works contain the services of set and costume designers (e.g. in “documentary film” types of work).

The points for a broadcast are calculated by multiplying the following factors: broadcaster value, time factor, work factor. More on that now.

Billable TV stations
For each distribution year, the valuation committee of PG III defines, on the basis of the distribution plan, which TV stations active in Germany are to be billed. The prerequisite is in principle an average annual market share of 0.3%. The TV stations considered for the 2018 distribution year are set out in the corresponding notice sheet offered as a PDF at the end of this page.

The valuation committee also determines the broadcaster values for all billable TV stations. This is ten times the average annual market share of the station. The broadcaster values are modified by cultural factors. These are allocated by the valuation committee if the stations predominantly broadcast programmes relating to culture, education and information. The broadcaster values for 2018 can likewise be found in the “Billable TV stations 2018” notice sheet at the end of this page.

Billable cinematographic works
The minimum requirement for a cinematographic work is a duration of three minutes, for animations and cartoon films one minute. The duration must always be rounded down to whole minutes.

From a length of 15 minutes, the time factor corresponds to the duration of the broadcast cinematographic work. This is modified by the work factor that the distribution plan allocates to the various types of work. An overview of work types and the associated work factors can be found in the “Work types” notice sheet offered as a PDF at the end of this page.

Film 2018

WHO?Members of professional group III
WHAT?Broadcasting of cinematographic works by a billable TV station in the 2018 distribution year.
HOW LONG?The closing date for reports is 30 June 2019.
WHY?Distributions in the "Cable retransmission (film)" and "Private copying (film)" lines.

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Subject: "Film 2018 report"

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