The Resale Right

This is a good opportunity to help the resale right make a worldwide breakthrough before its 100th birthday in 2020! In addition to the European Union, which fully harmonised its resale right in early 2012, the United States and China are also about to introduce a resale right. This would mean it would apply to over 90% of art transactions worldwide. Switzerland then would not want to sit on the sidelines anymore either in that case. Learn more in this section about what is at issue with the resale right and why it is so important for visual artists.

> The Resale Right – What is it?

Read about how the resale right functions in Germany and what it has to do with harmonisation in the European Union.

> Resale Right in Germany 

> Resale Right in the European Union

We examine the progress in the United States and China in detail. In the US, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees have just introduced a new bill following a positive statement from the US Copyright Office on the introduction of a resale right. In China, the second draft of the bill is also expected soon.

> The Resale Right in the United States, China, and Switzerland

We have summarised for you why the stereotypical criticism of the resale right, which always presents the same arguments, holds no water.

> The Resale Right – Criticism Unfounded!