Why become a member?

Membership of VG Bild-Kunst brings many benefits for authors in the visual sector. As a collecting society, we administer all copyrights in the visual sector that, for practical or legal reasons, you are unable to administer yourself. Membership is free of charge, so is worthwhile even for new entrants to the sector.

However, it is not only authors who can become members – so can their successors in title (heirs). That's because copyright exists for a further 70 years after the death of an author.

As a member, you benefit from our work in the following areas:

  • Participation in the distributions for blanket copyright charges, e.g. the private copying royalty or the library royalty; these are managed by VG Bild-Kunst for visual authors in Germany
  • Licensing and enforcement of individual rights, e.g. resale rights and reproduction rights for visual artists
  • The possibility of obtaining funding through our foundations, Stiftung Kulturwerk and Stiftung Sozialwerk
  • Regular information on copyright issues if you subscribe to our newsletter
  • Political and legal reinforcement of copyright protection

You as author are not the only one to gain from membership, though: users, too – such as museums, agencies and publishers – can acquire all the necessary rights to visual arts from us as a single source of supply.

And, last but not least, in signing a contract you become a member of an association that has a democratic structure. You can have an influence on the work of VG Bild-Kunst not only in your professional group meeting and in the general meeting, but also as an elected board member.

Nor will we put any obstacle in your way should you wish to leave: you can resign in writing with effect at the end of the year.