We hope to work to your satisfaction!

If you have questions on the management of rights, on notifications for work uses or on distributions we will be pleased to help. The easiest way is to mail to, your mail will be forwarded to the correct contact as quick as possible.

Should you happen to be unsatisfied with VG Bild-Kunst’s dealings  – which we hope will not occur –, you can complain (§ 33 VGG). Details of the procedure are regulated in the Directive Complaints Procedure.

Furthermore, the supervisory authority on collecting societies can be called in. Supervisory authority on collecting societies is being exercised at the German Patent Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt) by an independent department.

The supervisory authority will deal with your request, ask VG Bild-Kunst for their statement and finally inform you about the decision that has been taken.

Neither a complaint nor the inclusion of the supervisory authority are necessary, if you want to sue VG Bild-Kunst directly; you can always apply to the ordinary courts.