Resale Right

General information for art dealers, gallerists and auctioneers

What is the resale royalty right?

The resale royalty right is a statutory claim to a share of the proceeds from resale of a work of art, if an art dealer is involved as purchaser, vendor or agent.

What is the wording of the text of Art. 26 UrhG Resale Royalty Right?

Who pays for the resale royalty right?

Galleries, art dealers, auctioneers, i.e. those who are commercially involved in the resale of works of art. Works resold between private persons are not affected by the resale royalty right.

What is the purpose of the resale royalty right?

The intention is to involve artists in the increase in value of their works of art, when they are resold in the art trade. With this royalty, the lawmakers are confirming the enormous significance of creative work to society and so giving credit to the individual author for what they have accomplished.