Roles and duties

The Administrative Council of Bild-Kunst monitors the work of the Executive Board and the offices. The Executive Board will only implement fundamental strategies, such as the establishment of a new line of business or a political campaign, if the Administrative Council has given its consent. The Administrative Council thus represents the membership of Bild-Kunst in day-to-day business.

For this reason the Articles of Association provide that the composition of the Administrative Council is to guarantee the appropriate representation of the various copyright activities of the members. Each professional group sends six members to the Executive Board. The Administrative Council meets at least twice a year, but usually three times. A written vote can also be held in urgent cases.

In addition to its monitoring function, the Administrative Council also has the task of deciding on the establishment of tariffs and the conclusion of important contracts with users, such as inclusive contracts with user associations. This therefore concerns the income side of Bild-Kunst. Distribution of the income is in turn regulated in the distribution plans, which fall within the remit of the General Meeting. However, the Administrative Council liaises with the Executive Board to prepare changes to the distribution plans. Amendments to the Articles of Association and to the administration agreements are proposed to the General Meeting by the Administrative Council.

Composition and election

The various creative professions of the members of VG Bild-Kunst are to be appropriately represented in the Administrative Council.

Every three years each professional group puts six members and six deputies forward for election to the Administrative Council at the General Meeting. The professional groups also elect their chairpersons, one of whom serves as the chairman of the Administrative Council for a year on a rotating basis. The deputies can also attend the meetings if the member is likewise present, but in this case they have no right to vote.

The Administrative Council is quorate if eight people with the right to vote are present.

The rules of procedure of the Administrative Council can be viewed here.


Members and representatives

Members PG I

Members Administrative Council PG I


Name memberField of activityProfessional association
Zeidler, Frank M. - Chairmain PG IArtistDKB
Eisch, RainerArtistDKB
Rosenbach, UlrikeArtistGEDOK
Schmidt, DagmarArtistBBK
Wienand, MichaelPublisherBörsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels


  Representatives Administrative Council PG I


Name representativeField of activityProfessional association
Al-Jubouri, Adil-DominikLawyer

Börsenverein des 
deutschen Buchhandels

Granz, Doris ArtistBBK
Kress, MichaelArtistDKB
Noack, MarcelArtistBBK
Schneider, LudgerArtistver.di
van Duiven, FriederikeArtistBBK