Executive Board

Role and duties

The Executive Board of Bild-Kunst manages the operational business of the association. The full-time Chief Executive Officer handles the day-to-day side of business. This includes in particular running the Bild-Kunst offices in Bonn and Berlin.

The offices essentially focus on collecting the revenue and distributing it to the rightholders in accordance with the regulations of the distribution plan. Their tasks also include advising and adding new members, updating the details of the more than 60,000 existing members, maintaining relations with the foreign sister societies and preparing the annual financial statements. The Bonn office also administers the exclusive rights in the visual arts sector, where the clients it looks after include publishers, galleries, auction houses, broadcasters and other users of rights.

The Executive Board prepares the meetings of the Administrative Council, the professional group meetings and the General Meeting at which the important decisions of the association are taken. The honorary board members together with the professional group chairpersons cultivate contacts with the industry and politicians.

The Executive Board is the official representative of Bild-Kunst vis-à-vis third parties. Key contracts are signed jointly by the Chief Executive Officer and the relevant honorary board member. The rules of procedure of the Executive Board can be found here.


Dr. Urban Pappi

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Cologne in 1969, Dr. Urban Pappi is the Chief Executive Officer of Bild-Kunst and managing director of the associated Stiftung Sozialwerk and Stiftung Kulturwerk. He runs the office in Bonn, which has about 50 staff.

After studying law in Munich and completing his postgraduate law training in the Administrative District of Upper Bavaria, he was from 1997 to 1999 employed as scientific assistant at the Institute for Copyright & Media Law in Munich. He gained a doctorate in an aspect of broadcasting law under Prof. Dr. Manfred Rehbinder in Freiburg.

He then worked for GEMA in Munich for eleven years. He was most recently in charge of all licensing activities in the broadcasting and online sectors and managing director of an independent licensing unit for an online publishing repertoire. He took over his current position in VG Bild-Kunst from Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pfennig at the start of 2012.


Werner Schaub

Member of the Executive Board - professional group I

Member of the Executive Board of VG Bild-Kunst since 2007.

Brief CV Werner Schaub

Frauke Ancker

Member of the Executive Board - professional group II

Member of the Executive Board of VG Bild-Kunst since 1977.

Brief CV Frauke Ancker

Jobst Christian Oetzmann

Member of the Executive Board - professional group III

Member of the Executive Board of VG Bild-Kunst since 2016.

Brief CV Jobst Christian Oetzmann