Broadcasting Rights

How should I react if my works (of visual art) are shown on television?

I must inform VG Bild-Kunst immediately – in any case before the showing – so that it can record the broadcast (public television) or contact the licensee (broadcaster or producer) in good time (private television).

How should I react if my works (of visual art) were shown on television?

I must contact VG Bild-Kunst without delay, as remunerations can only be made on the basis of verified uses of works that are found to be relevant.

If my works (of visual art) were shown on television, can I notify my remuneration claims (online)?

Unfortunately not! Reporting slips or online notifications of television broadcasts can only be used to register royalties; in this case the so-called retransmission royalty. Primary rights (reproduction and/or broadcasting rights) and the resulting royalty claims cannot be asserted by online notifications or reporting slips.

What is the difference between the royalty for broadcasting rights and the royalty for retransmission rights?

The broadcasting right is the right to use a work in a television broadcast. In the broader sense it is one of the reproduction rights. The royalty for retransmission rights is a statutory royalty claim for the retransmission of full broadcasting programmes; in particular by cable companies.