Application form for professional group III

Applications for professional group III (film, television, audiovision) can be posted for receipt in Bonn by the 31.01 and 30.06 of each year. There are no thematic requirements. Indeed, the requests for funding may relate to grants for the printing of publications, the organisation of exhibitions and symposia or other projects. Funding cannot be provided for film projects and all the work that they entail, dissertations, student papers, festivals and the safeguarding of legacies, since the limited resources available make it impossible to commit to providing lasting support for such projects.
The Stiftung Kulturwerk foundation of professional group III of VG Bild-Kunst would like to concentrate its funding support on the continuous professional development of the creative and artistic career paths of film authors.

Master classes

The primary focus will be on master classes in which proven film artists pass on their knowledge, techniques, forms of conceptual thinking and practical artistic realisation to colleagues working in the industry. They are not intended to be introductory courses. Master classes are to revolve around a dialogue among colleagues that is characterised by the particular mentoring ability of an outstanding artistic or didactic personality. The objectives are both the practical communication of proven experience and knowledge and a theoretical reflection of a specific aesthetic and of specific aesthetic fields. The aim is therefore to provide support for issues that are as narrowly defined as possible, not general activities such as those of directors or camera operators. Also particularly welcome are interdisciplinary professional development measures that reflect the artistic transfer and communication within the process of producing a film and could lend new stimulus to it.

You can open the form for printing here. Please save it onto your computer and print it out. Send us the completed application form along with all other documents by post to:

Stiftung Kulturwerk
Dr. Britta Klöpfer
Weberstrasse 61
53113 Bonn

Further information can be found in the funding guidelines (in german) for professional group I. Please read these through carefully.

Download application form for PG III


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