FAQ Stiftung Kulturwerk PG I

Frequently asked questions about applications for, and the approval of,  Stiftung Kulturwerk projects in professional group I (visual artists).

Who is entitled to apply?

Applications are accepted from organisations of visual artists, working in a primarily voluntary capacity as a group, that have been registered as associations in the German official register of societies for at least three years.

What is eligible for funding?

Exhibitions and presentations of other forms of artistic creation of a high artistic and conceptual standard; annual programmes e.g. in galleries of producing artists which offer a convincing holistic concept; symposia or expert conferences of importance at a supraregional level provided they are aimed at topics of relevance to art and culture.

Are institutions eligible for funding?

No. However, although the infrastructure and day-to-day activities of an institution are not eligible for funding, Stiftung Kulturwerk is able to support single projects or series of projects.

How is a project defined?

A project is defined to mean the production, planning and/or implementation of single events or sets of visual arts events such as exhibitions, shows, and symposia.

What needs to be included in the costs projection?

The projected budget should include all costs likely to be incurred in relation to the project. Costs should be itemised (e.g. as fees and remuneration, travel and accommodation expenses, event and production costs, printing costs, etc.). Neither running costs for locations/organisations nor investment costs may be included.

What needs to be included in the financing plan?

The financing plan should contain all available funds applicable – both own and third-party (with written confirmation), expected income (i.e. from entry fees and sales), and the amount of funding being applied for from Stiftung Kulturwerk.

Any further funding applied for from other organisations and institutions not yet awarded must be listed separately.

Which own and third party funds are applicable?

The only applicable funds are cash assets: any non-cash resources as well as support allocated from the current budget of an institution (e.g. provision of rooms, technical equipment, permanently employed staff, etc.) and voluntary or non-fee work (i.e. support for which no money changes hands) cannot be included in the budget and financing plan either as income or expenditure.

Can non-cash resources be included?

No. Neither own nor third-party non-cash resources can be included either as income or expenditure. Only substantiated and documented cash costs and income should be listed.

Which kinds of funding are mutually exclusive?

Funding from Stiftung Kulturwerk cannot be granted to applicants for projects or series of projects already receiving financial support from Stiftung Kunstfonds.

How is funding made available?

As a general rule, funding awarded is available as soon as a contract has been concluded. However, the funds can only be disbursed once the financing of the project has been secured to the extent described in the application and the allocation awarded by other potential sponsors has been documented.

If any further funding applied for is not granted and the project therefore cannot be implemented as described in the application, the applicants must provide Stiftung Kulturwerk with an updated budget and financing plan.
The Stiftung Kulturwerk jury will then decide whether to uphold its commitment to grant funds and whether to amend the amount of funding awarded.

What needs to be in the report on utilisation of funds?

Within three months of the funded project reaching completion, Stiftung Kulturwerk is to be provided with an expenditure report. This should include a project report (roughly one DIN A-4 page) showing how the project has progressed and including details of actual income and expenditure for the project; any documentation of a payment related to the project must be listed, even if the item in question was not paid from the funding provided by Stiftung Kulturwerk.
Copies of all receipts and bills must be provided to Stiftung Kulturwerk as supporting documentation.

If an interim report on the progress of the project is requested, it will be sufficient to submit a list of income and expenditure as per the budget and financing plan showing the total sums for each individual item without supporting documentation. You will not need to provide any receipts or bills.