Frequently asked questions about applications for, and the approval of, Stiftung Kulturwerk projects in professional group III (film/television/audiovisual).

Who is entitled to apply?

Applications are accepted from individual creatives, collectives, and organisations or institutions operating in film, television, and audiovision with permanent place of residence or legal domicile in Germany. Membership of VG Bild-Kunst is not required.

Are institutions eligible for funding?

No. However, although the infrastructure and day-to-day activities of an institution are not eligible for funding,  Stiftung Kulturwerk is able to support single projects or series of projects.

How is a project defined?

A project is defined to mean a work tied to a specific content or timeframe in the field of film, television, and audiovision (e.g. publications, exhibitions, symposia etc.).

Is eligibility for funding limited to certain topics or locations?

No. Stiftung Kulturwerk does not impose any criteria with regard to topics; projects funded may take place either in Germany or abroad.

What needs to be included in the costs projection?

The projected budget should include all costs likely to be incurred in relation to the project. Costs should be itemised (e.g. travel and accommodation expenses, event and production costs, printing costs, fees etc.). Neither running costs (e.g. rent, utilities) nor investment costs may be included.

What needs to be included in the financing plan?

The financing plan should contain all available funds applicable – both own and third-party (with written confirmation), expected income (e.g. from entry fees and sales) and the amount of funding being applied for from Stiftung Kulturwerk.

Any further funding applied for from other organisations and institutions not yet awarded must be listed separately.

Can non-cash resources be included?

Yes. Both third-party and own non-cash resources may be included.

Which kinds of funding are mutually exclusive?

Funding from Stiftung Kulturwerk cannot be granted to applicants for projects or series of projects that are already receiving financial support from Stiftung Kunstfonds – or have received it in the past.

How is funding made available?

As a general rule, funding awarded is available as soon as a contract has been concluded. However, the funds can only be disbursed once the financing of the project has been secured to the extent described in the application and the allocation awarded by other potential sponsors has been documented.

For how long is the funding available?

The funding period covers the year in which the funding was awarded, as well as the following two calendar years – i.e. no longer than three years. Any funds not accessed by the end of this period are considered expired unless other arrangements have been agreed with Stiftung Kulturwerk.

What needs to be in the report on utilisation of funds?

Within three months of the funded project reaching completion, Stiftung Kulturwerk is to be provided with an expenditure report. This should include a project report (roughly one DIN A4 page) showing how the project has progressed and including details of actual income and expenditure for the project.