Project funding & funding from the special fund for publications PG II

In the PG II funding programme members and groups of members of VG Bild-Kunst working in the photography, illustration and design industries can apply for funding enabling them to realise a proposal with a defined duration and content. The projects can take place both in Germany and abroad. Up to 8,000 euros in funding can be obtained from the Stiftung Kulturwerk; the rest must be financed by the applicants themselves or through third parties.

A special fund, “publication funding”, has been available to professional group II since October 2018. Members can apply to the foundation for financial assistance for the realisation of a publishing proposal. Applications can also be received from institutions, events or projects that have a cultural or cultural policy significance for a large number of the members of PG II. The advisory council has defined what is meant by “publication” broadly and wishes to promote not only pure books such as volumes of photographs, comics, children's books etc., but also digital publications and symposia that result in a publication.

The amount of funding provided depends on the overall volume of the proposed project and is determined by the advisory council of the Stiftung Kulturwerk on a case-by-case basis.

Closing dates for applications for professional group II

Applications for PG II (normal applications as well as applications to the special fund) can be submitted by 15 May or by 15 November. Only one application can be made in a calendar year.

The application process

Each professional group provides its own application form with funding guidelines as well as an information sheet with tips on how to complete the form. It is a prerequisite for funding that a complete application is received by the office of Stiftung Kulturwerk in Bonn within the time allowed. Applications that are received after the deadlines have expired or that are not provided in a form that enables assessment will not be accepted for consideration.

The application form for project funding for professional group II (photography, illustration, design) and the funding guidelines can be downloaded here. You can also download the application form entitled “Application for publication funding from the special fund” and the corresponding funding guidelines here.

The advisory council meets after the closing dates for applications in July and December. For your planning certainty, we do our best to send you the results of the jury meetings as quickly as possible.

The members of the advisory council in professional group II are:

  • Lutz Fischmann
  • Urs Kluyver
  • Jan Köhler-Kaeß
  • Jelca Kollatsch
  • Stefanie Rejzek
  • Annika Siems
  • Norbert Waning

Do you have any other questions about project funding and the application process for PG II? Our FAQs provide useful information.